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Registering thoroughbreds

Thoroughbred Registrations provides a range of service to industry participants, such services include:

  • Registration of Syndicates
  • Registration of Leases
  • Registration of Racing Colours.

Associated payments to the QRIC must be made before submission, and payment details should be noted on your completed from. For more information about payment, visit the how to pay page.

For all enquiries regarding the licensing, renewal or application process please contact the Licensing department via email

Mandatory training requirements may apply to any category of licence.


Available form


QRIC_FM_TB_MAN01 QRIC/2016/2802

Thoroughbred - Addition of a Syndicate Member (PDF, 294K)


QRIC_FM_TB_MAN03 QRIC/2016/2794

Thoroughbred Application to register a syndicate (Company, Firm or Stud) (PDF, 731K)


QRIC_FM_TB_MAN04 QRIC/2016/2795

Thoroughbred Application to register an ordinary syndicate (PDF, 579K)


QRIC_FM_TB_MAN23 QRIC/2016/2799

Thoroughbred Lease of a Racehorse (PDF, 704K)


QRIC_FM_TB_MAN25 QRIC/2016/2800

Thoroughbred Application to Register Racing Colours (PDF, 656K)

$110^ (1 Year) or $150^ (5 Years)

QRIC_FM_TB_MAN26 QRIC/2016/2796

Thoroughbred – Remove Member of Existing Syndicate (PDF, 208K)


Click on the link to open a form and you can then print it and send it to the QRIC. You can also right click on the link and select 'Save Target As…' to save the form to your computer.

^ Price includes GST

Links to national forms

Initial ownership registration is facilitated by Racing Australia, with subsequent transactions facilitated by each state. 

Please follow the instructions on each form which outline where an application is to be submitted and, where applicable, how to make the associated payment.

National forms are available on the Racing Australia website.   

These forms include:

  • Applications to register a horse from 1 to 20 owners
  • Transfer of ownership forms.

Additional forms

  • Application for a duplicate horse identification document
  • Authority to sign
  • Change of contact details
  • Change of manager
  • Change of owner share percentage
  • Horse identification
  • Naming policy
  • Ownership dispute guidelines

Retirement of racehorses or death notification

Report something

If you have any information about mistreatment of racing animals or wrongdoing within the sport, we urge you to come forward and report it.

Last updated
21 July 2016